Monday, December 20, 2010

3 Reasons Why Mass Video Creation can Explode Your Affiliate Sales

Videos can boost your website's traffic overnight, there's no doubt about it. Online videos have been proven to work for website owners, and they are the most powerful weapon in any affiliate's arsenal.

Yesterday I got a review copy of Video Niche Dominator. It was so awesome that I've decided to do a full review about it.

Here's my review about Video Niche Dominator, and 3 reasons why Video Niche Dominator can skyrocket your affiliate sales.

Reason #1 - Automation

The most important thing for you as an affiliate marketer is to automate your marketing effort. By having tools that do the dirty work for you, you have more time to invest in yourself, in your family, and in expanding your online business. This tool is simply incredible because it automates the hard work of video creation. Instead of working hour for a single video promotion, you can simply paste a keyword list into the software, click a few times here and there, and you've just made up to 8 professional videos that will make you money day in, day out.

If you're serious about making money online, this software is going to explode your business with FREE targeted traffic from Youtube, Metacafe, Daily motion, and many other video sites.

Reason #2 - Mass Creation

If you're familiar with video marketing, you probably know that there are software and website tools
that you can use to create videos fast. What really pulled my attention in this awesome software is that you can create up to 8 videos at a time, and it only takes a minute or two to produce your money making videos.

All that is left for you to do is to upload your videos to video sites, while you create more and more videos to ensure that you're maximizing your profits. The best thing about this software is that you don't have to be a computer geek in order to use it. As I mentioned, the hardest work YOU have to do is paste your niche keywords into the software, and with just one click you have your videos ready to distribute on video sites.

Reason #3 - Money

The most important reason is MONEY. If you have hundreds of video out there promoting your affiliate offers, you will see the money rolls in faster than you can imagine. People like to watch videos, so if you're there on the right moment when they need some sort of product, you have a guaranteed sale. Making money online is not as easy at it used to be back at the time, and if you're trying to make money online, you kn ow exactly what I'm talking about. But hey, with such a powerful tool in your arsenal, making affiliate sales is more than possible, it's guaranteed!

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To your success,
Steve and the HomeEasyBusiness team,

ps. Here is my first quick video I made in minutes and posted on YouTube: Free home survey sites

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New christmas virus...typical!!

This is an email from a friend and his wife who I don't see very often anymore but thanks to the internet we do have an odd email every now and again..........


Hi All,

I checked with Norton Anti-Virus, and they are gearing up for this virus!

I checked Snopes, and it is for real. Get this E-mail message sent around to your contacts ASAP.


You should be alert during the next few days. Do not open any message with an attachment entitled "POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK," regardless of who sent it to you. It is a virus which opens A POSTCARD IMAGE, which "burns" the whole hard disc C of your computer.This virus will be received from someone who has your e-mail address in his/her contact list. This is the reason why you need to send this e-mail to all your contacts. It is better to receive this message 25 times than to receive the virus and open it. If you receive a mail called" POSTCARD," even though sent to you by a friend, do not open it! Shut down your computer immediately.This is the worst virus announced by CNN. It has been classified by Microsoft as the most destructive virus Ever. This virus was discovered by McAfee yesterday, and there is no repair yet for this kind of virus. This virus simply destroys the Zero Sector of the Hard Disc, where the vital information is kept.COPY THIS E-MAIL, AND SEND IT TO YOUR FRIENDS.REMEMBER: IF YOU SEND IT TO THEM, YOU WILL BENEFIT ALL OF US


I personally rang my mother(not totally internet literate yet :) ) but better safe than sorry!

I know these things come out every now and then, but if you want to be 99.9% sure, ring the person who sent it and ask them if they (thought of you at christmas time. hmm awkward lol)

Anyway have a good december and hope this helps that,

Steve and the HomeEasyBusiness Team

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Get exposed to millions of potential customers + free submission to 80,000 search engines

Bonus offer below.

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Steven Robinson

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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Advertise Free For Life caught my eye recently. I thought - That sounds too good to be true. And after looking into it - I have to say I am impressed.

I joined and took the upgrades - I figured, they offer a money back guarantee so why not..? You are not in any way required to take the upgrades to get the benefits of the site. They do multiply the benefits, I have found.

It is a really neat and clean site, easy on the eyes and the video showing how to use it was terrific.
Inside the site, you create links and ads--the links you simply enter any URL links you use into the generator and it transforms them into cloaked links for you. I set up a ton of affiliate products that I market and got unique links for each one.
You create ads for anything you want to promote using the Advertise Free For Life Ad Generator, which is very easy to use. You can create as many links and as many ads as you like. And they are organized in a logical way--links are displayed in the order you create them but also your 5 most recent links appear on the main page for quick reference. Also, since the link generator is the tool you'll use most, it is also right at the top of the main page when you login. Very smart!

After you've created at least 1 link and 1 ad you can start to generate traffic. Just use and promote the new Advertise Free For Life link instead of the original source link you had. Every time the Advertise Free For Life link is clicked, the page loads followed by a cool slide-up ad window at the bottom. It displays an ad PLUS an image with your affiliate link that goes back to Advertise Free For Life. So if anyone clicks the Advertise Free For Life image they see the site, and if they signup they become your referral. I thought this was great because it builds your list, referrals and potential income while you are out promoting the things you would have anyway.

Now every time the ad window displays (your Advertise Free For Life links get clicked) you earn credits that get YOUR ad displayed in the ad windows when other members' links get clicked. So the more clicks, the more times your ads get displayed.

And this works virally--meaning as you make referrals into Advertise Free For Life (either by promoting it or just using it and visitors click the Advertise Free For Life image on the ad window to join) you also earn ad credits on THEIR link clicks. And this works up to 5 levels deep. So you can create a massive amount of free ad views and web traffic by referring others to Advertise Free For Life also.

I didn't get to test the full effect of a big downline yet (I just got the tool) but I can tell you the rest of the site works exactly as stated--my links got clicked, I earned credits, and my ads got displayed. Advertise Free For Life even tracked my results so I know how many clicks and how many ad displays. That was an impressive unadvertised extra feature.

There is one more benefit and feature which might be the best of them all--downline emailing. You can email your downline with offers, promotions, or whatever you like, and here is where Advertise Free For Life really shines. They took time to make the emailing often enough that it's valuable as a user, but no so often that it's a burden to your downline. But the best part about this feature (and actually the credit earning too) is that it tells you exactly how long until you can mail again. THE TOP LEVEL IS WHERE TO BE FOR SERIOUS MARKETERS - A GUARANTEED 3000 MEMBER MAIL OUT COMES WITH THE PACKAGE... Whoa!

Overall I have to say I am impressed with Advertise Free For Life. It is simple yet powerful, and delivers on its promises. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to increase traffic and advertising.

See it and join here: (I negotiated to give anyone that joins through my link instant GOLD membership, but this is not forever, so make haste)

Advertise Free For Life

To your success,
Steve and the HomeEasyBusiness Team.

Friday, February 19, 2010

SEO Case Study

This is a Free seo tutorial series from Kenneth Koh. He is an experienced internet marketer who shares valuable free advice on his LeadsLeap Blog.
Steve(Website CEO),
ps. You can advertise for free on this blog

Part 6

I have almost covered all you need to know about SEO in Part 1 to 5 of our Free SEO Tutorial series.

Today will be the last episode.

The best way to sum up this tutorial series is to give you an SEO case study of successful website. A good example I can think of is you are very new to the IM industry, you should know You probably also know that the articles in Ezinearticles get very high ranking in Google search results.

But why?

As the old saying goes, “success leaves tracks”. Today, let’s try to find these tracks! If you found any tracks that I missed, feel free to add them in the comments section.

1) High Site Authority

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Common SEO myths

This is a Free seo tutorial series from Kenneth Koh. He is an experienced internet marketer who shares valuable free advice on his LeadsLeap Blog.
Steve(Website CEO),
ps. You can advertise for free on this blog

Part 5

In this tutorial, we will discuss some of the common SEO myths that are pretty important and you should be aware of. Without further ado, let’s start……

1. You need to post new articles to your website regularly

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Adsense Placement On Your Blog

When deciding whether to incorporate Adsense into your blog there are several factors to consider. Many feel that it diminishes their brand, whilst others see it as a useful tool for visitors which creates revenues and makes their content profitable.

The choice can largely come down to the commercial goals and the purpose of your blog. Many businesses who sell products decide to place Adsense adverts within their blog. This would appear to be a strange choice, opening up opportunities for rivals to promote their service or product to your potential customer base.

Many publishers claim that they are only doing this to allow companies who provide ancillary services to advertise. These claims have some merit, as those who for example sell pillows could provide those who sell bedding with an opportunity to advertise.

Although this would make sense, there are still those online retailers who allow rivals to penetrate their audience. Many claim that there are still benefits in allowing your direct competitors to advertise within your blog. One of these is that ultimately if visitors wish to see your competitors they would be able to see them through a Google search regardless. This may be true however the thought of an established brand like coco-cola having a Pepsi advert in their blog is not even a possibility.

Another factor which is considered in this situation is that publishers do not feel that Adsense is effective in making conversions. They feel that visitors who would click on adverts are not highly qualified customers, as they would quickly navigate to the materials or products that interest them if they were.

Despite Adsense being a questionable choice for online retailers, it is surely a good supplementary service for other varieties of online publishers. For example, a blog which provides a free service like gets high levels of traffic, and is able to make their service profitable through adsense. This has been the case for Bloggers who originally provided content free of charge, being unable to reach the scale that is necessary to contract with advertisers directly.

This could also apply to other previously free services, including wider forms of information broadcast, and news for example. In 2006 a man who later published a selection of Videos claims to make $19,000 a month through adsense, claiming that he was also contacted through Google to help him increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) that he achieved. The thought of success like this has been a major factor in stimulating online publishers to opt for Adsense.

Many publishers also claim that adsense makes their blog look more professional. Those who are able to contract with advertisers are generally seen to provide a service with large appeal, and therefore those unfamiliar with the program may feel that the Adsense advertiser is in this position.

Adsense however, is also aligned with those publishers who use the service purely to provide links to adverts. Everyone has done a Google search, clicked on an Adwords advert and came into a blog which reads top ten resources on… This is a major problem, as is generally something that surfers find frustrating. If people see that it says adverts by Google, and they then see adverts by Google on another site, they may align that site with consumer unfriendly practices. This is therefore an issue which Google has to address, to maintain Adsense as a reputable service.

Regardless of the disadvantages and the blogs for which the service may be inappropriate it is still a useful tool for blog visitors. Those who visit a blog, and click on a link provide revenues for the publisher, whilst those who provide free services are able to generate revenue.

The only fear that Google has, is that rival PPC programs offer better deals to publishers and they decide to go elsewhere, therefore taking advertisers with them. However, ultimately it is best for advertisers and publishers if they largely remain in same PPC circuit.

To your success,
Steve and the HomeEasyBusiness Team.